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22nd of August 2020
22nd August 2020

We’ve been open 4 weeks now, wonderful weeks. Numbers have stayed around the same 30-40 but have slowly in the last few days crept over 40. So if you haven’t been in the shala regularly since we got back please please email or call to check we have space. While we’d like to be able to go back to a squash and a squeeze we can’t just yet. We do have space at 9.30 and in the evenings. If you have been coming regularly please continue to do so at about the same time. I know some of you have gone on holiday and we have allowed for that and kept some space for you. If we get lots of requests to come back we may open on a saturday.

Boris Johnson for all his mishaps had chosen one of the most beautiful places in Scotland to stay. The Applecross peninsula is not far from where my Dad lives. one of the highest road pass and certainly the steepest and scariest in Scotland. Which somehow people cycle over. Just checkout Bealach na Ba. It has awesome sand dunes which as a kid we used to roll down. The sea is well freezing.

Anyway, a few days ago I did an interview with Jose from Madrid on IGTV and here is the link to it on youtube.

It’s an hour-long, so grab yourself some tea and biscuits. It takes me a minute to get my shit together and find out how to join IGTV so be patient.


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17th Aug 2020
17th August 2020

We’re still here and taking each day as it comes. If you ever wanted a hidey-hole to get away from it all. Here is a link to a cottage. My Dad bought it years ago and it’s been let out as a holiday cottage. He lives up the glen. Anyway, I’ve spent a few summers here and it is a gorgeous wee house. He’s 80 something now so time just to walk mountains and look at the stars.

I don’t expect anyone to actually buy it but it’s nice to have dreams

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6th of Aug 2020
06th August 2020

Sometime ago I did an interview with my good friend John Bultman. He’s just put it on video so you can watch it (and others) here.


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2nd of July 2020
02nd August 2020

Anna and I went to the cinema for the first time in 4 months (bar the outdoor drive in cinema at Ally Pally). So lovely to get back to comfy seat and a bag of popcorn. Unfortunately there were only 6 of us in the whole screen.

It reminded me of how AYL used to be when we’d pack 20 in the main room, the finishing room was packed and still people were waiting. So much love in the room. Fortunately the shala still stands and has all that love supporting the walls. We’re still relatively quiet. Friday there was only 22 all morning.

Next Sunday the 9th we will have on-line conference at 12 midday. Louise will be here too. I’ll just work out a zoom thing and send it out in the next 24hours. If you don’t get it, apologies, please email me.

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30th of July 2020
30th July 2020

There were 32 students in today. Full at 5am again. And then through out the morning there was always one two spots available. After 8.30 much quieter.

Don’t forget Monday is a moon day

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29th of July 2020
29th July 2020

Little busier today. Last night there were 6 students so still space. This morning it was full between 5am and 6am after that there were always one two spaces until 6.45am then it was full until 8.30am and then quiet. So if you are looking to come in think about after 8.30.


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28th of July 2020
28th July 2020

So last night was quiet at the Shala, the first evening open with only 3 students. This morning there were 35 and at no point did anyone have to wait. Only a couple of times did students have to start practice in the small room. We were busy from 5am until 6.15am then throughout the morning til 8.45am there were one or two space regularly. After that there was always space.

So we’re happy to take new students in the evening and after 9am.

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27th of July 2020
27th July 2020

I have this on a loop.

Today there were 38 students. It was full at 5am then slowly reduced so by 6.45am there was only one person. Then it started getting busy again from 7.15am and was full from 7.30am to about 8.40am. Four people had to wait between 7 and 18 minutes. Then it was quiet all the way through to the end. It’s really lovely to be working with everyone it feels quite special.

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26th of July 2020
26th July 2020

Louise and Tom taught Sunday class and there were 12 people in.

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25th of July 2020
25th July 2020

First day back at the shala. So lovely to see all your smiley faces. We started with a few people and built up over time. Only at one time did I call ‘one more’. There was no waiting. We have one meter between mats but a few times couples came in so as they live together they could have mats closer.

Thank you all for coming in. Thank you Louise for assisting and big thanks to Joan for keeping the shala clean throughout the day

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