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Origami Hanuman
10th November 2020

I’ve been trying to make an origami Hanuman for some time and although there are plenty of monkeys out there I felt it needed something different. It has to be simple. So here we go. Hanuman with a big tail to protect us all.

Start with a square of paper crease the diagonal and fold in two corners to make a kite shape.

Fold in other sides to make a diamond shape, notice the intersection above the halfway mark.

Fold in half.

Open up and fold one point to where the edges meet, the intersection.

Fold again using the crease you just made to lie above the intersection (keep looking ahead  it will make sense).

Fold back up on the crease.

Turn model over and fold down the tip.

We’re just working on the head now, fold up the nose, make sure to keep it just in front of the body.

Fold over the top of his head over just over the tip of the nose.

Fold up the tail behind.

Fold in the sides, he’s quite cute at this point

Open up the sides a little to become strong arms. If you can, poke the base up a little to give him a rounded tummy.

Om Hanuman namah



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