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18th Feb 2021
18th February 2021

Back in early December one of our students and a good friend lost their lovely 12 year old daughter. The road is always long. And they have only recently began to understand the cause of her death. They have asked me to put up a ‘just giving’ link for one of the charities that has supported them.

Death is never easy for those left. In Indian legends the world was a place originally where nothing died but then mother earth complained of the weight. I’m presuming not just physical weight. So Indra who was king of the Gods designated his brother Yama to take peoples lives. At first he refused but eventually took on the most responsible roll of any God. Never was ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ more true.

Yama went on to become the greatest yoga teacher, instructing Nachiketas, a young boy who had died, as we would say before his time. Without that teaching the parents of Nachiketas would never have been able to live with all their emotions. Understanding that those very emotions can lead to enlightenment. Yama never takes he is given. And that is humanities lesson. To give and not take.



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