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11th Feb 2021
11th February 2021

When it’s cold we have a tendency to snuggle up and stay in bed, especially on a moon day.  And why not. When it’s cold outside and maybe cold inside there are a few things to keep in  mind regarding practice.

Practice briskly, deepen your breath so there is a little more sound and get that mula bandha on strongly. I’ve practiced in places where I started with a hat and fleece and several layers on and end up with just shorts on. The body is amazing at creating heat and loosing it without insulation on a cold day. So layers are good. We should be very careful of our backs during cold times as the muscles contract to create more heat and we spend more time snuggling up in bed. It’s quite easy to cause and injury if your body is not adequately ready, warmed up. And although a heat source or warm clothing helps moving is what actually warms you up from inside.

During this pandemic several unfortunate things have happened to us which we need to be more aware of and try to stem. They are feeling pretty exhausted by even the word pandemic etc, so try and have some conversations of a different nature. We can feel quite cynical and about it all. My personal remedy is to look for beauty, it can be found in the strangest of places. We also may feel quite trapped and not really getting anywhere. Every day can bring small successes. We do well with repetition but we also need a tiny bit of novelty added to the mix.

And if you are going out, don’t tighten your laces of your boots to tight, loose is better, your feet will be warmer.

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