Astanga Yoga London

COVID-19: what we’re doing to help keep you safe and some guidelines for you to follow

These are the actions we’re taking and the guidelines we’d like you to follow to help keep everyone safe. These may change over time.

–  Please don’t come to the shala if you feel sick or have any symptoms, share a house with someone with symptoms or share a house with someone who is shielding / self-isolating

– Please don’t bring your children to the shala

– We are sorry but we aren’t taking on new students in the early morning class. But we do have space in the late mornings after 9am and in the evening. If you would like to join AYL please email us first. There may be space in the early morning classes from August, please check with Hamish first.

–  We may do a head thermometer check on you as you enter the shala

– We will sign each person in as they arrive for contact tracing purposes. Please make sure we have your mobile number by filling out this form

– Please wash your hands / use hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the shala

–  You may still leave your mat at the shala: please ensure you wash it regularly

–  If you are using public transport, please do not practise in clothes which have not been covered during your journey. Please keep your clothes in a bag

– Minimise contact with others inside the shala as you would anywhere else

– Try not to queue up for the toilet

– We will have a maximum of 10 people practising in the main room at any one time. There will be a waiting area in the small room for a maximum of 7 students: please try and be quiet. You will need to do your whole practice in the main room so this will mean no long savasana

– We will keep the windows open when possible

– We will still be adjusting people, but if you don’t want adjustments, just let us know. We will try and keep away from face to face adjustments but where needed we may use PPE (face shield/mask)

– Students are not expected to use PPE, but of course feel free to do so if you wish

– Please bring your own mats: we’re sorry but we can’t provide mats or blankets at the moment

– We will be doing a lot more cleaning and cleaning products will be available for you to use after using the toilet.

We realise this has been a stressful time so please feel free to talk to us, one to one if necessary. Be safe, be kind.