Astanga Yoga London


General information

All the classes at Astanga Yoga London are Mysore style self-practice. Classes run every morning from Sunday to Friday and in the evenings from Monday to Friday, apart from on days when there is a new or a full moon. We also usually close over Christmas and New Year and on some other public holidays (check news for updates).

Depending on the time you wish to practise, either Hamish, Louise or Tom/Lauren will be your main teacher. Assistants may also be present to help with postural adjustments etc., depending on class size.

Drop-in students visiting from out of town who have an existing practice are welcome to join any of our classes.

About Mysore style self-practice

This is the traditional method of learning the Astanga yoga system and is the way that it is taught at the Astanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore – hence the name ‘Mysore style’, which is often used to describe this type of class. In a self-practice class each student works at their own pace with assistance and adjustment from the teacher as and when necessary – almost like a private lesson in a class situation. The Astanga series are learnt and committed to memory posture by posture, with new postures being added as and when the student is ready, so that most of the time the student works without being ‘led’ by a teacher. Self-practice classes, therefore, always have students of mixed abilities working side by side and complete beginners are welcome.

There are no specific start times for classes. When first starting to learn the Astanga yoga system you will probably need to allow about 45 minutes for a class, building up to about an hour and a half once a full series of postures is being practised. Students who are beginners and have never actually seen or attended a self-practice class are encouraged to come in and ‘observe’ first to give them an idea of how things operate before they commit themselves to classes.

If you think you would like to come to class, please ring one of us or contact us by email.