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Anatomy in Motion/NKT and Movement Flow sessions with Ulric Whyte

Ulric offers two movement therapy choices at AYL:
1. Functional Movement Flow – A 60 minute private session tailored to the individual which explores fundamental functional movement patterns.
2. Anatomy in Motion (AiM) / Neurokinetic therapy (NKT) sessions – Initial session lasts 2 hours and includes a client assessment, tailored rehab. movement practices and some homework videos to continue to maximise the value of the treatment.

About Functional Movement Flow

Movement and movement flows that we should all be able to do (we moved through them effortlessly as children), but through lifestyle, pressures of work and modern day living may no longer be able to access in a useful way without causing yet further strain on an oftentimes already challenged system. These sessions include basic range of motion (ROM) tests and skeletal position assessment before harnessing preparatory movements and more evolved movement flows inspired by yoga, Feldenkrais and the functional movement practices of Original Strength, Anatomy in Motion, Circular Strength Training (CST) and The Grey Institute (AFS).

Prices for Functional Movement Flow

Movement Flow is priced at £50 per session and a session can be shared between two people!

About Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Anatomy in Motion is the ever evolving brain child of Gary Ward. Its aim is to unlock the incredible potential that lies within every human body. By observing the body move during walking it is possible to identify joints, muscles and postures that are being compromised with every step we take. Alongside a case history it is then possible to paint a picture as to why there is pain in the system. It is the why that provides peace of mind and the first step towards healing. The solution is to offer back movement to the body, and if the body finds value in this, it accepts it (often immediately). It is as if the body has forgotten how to use certain patterns and just needs a gentle reminder that movement would be so much easier this way.

During a session the client will be assessed from the foot up, both statically and whilst walking (gait). By observing how the joint (from the foot up), muscle and fascia networks are moving and then highlighting movement patterns which are currently unavailable or restricted, effective and enjoyable movement exercises are able to be explored within the treatment session.

About Neurokinetic therapy (NKT)

NKT was developed by David Weinstock in San Francisco. This brilliant concept of modified muscle testing enables muscle patterns to be assessed and compensations to be understood. Traditional therapy often favours releasing tight joints and massaging sore muscles, however this approach fails to understand why they are working so hard in the first place and often results in chasing pain instead of its cause. If a joint manipulation helps for a couple of days, but then stiffness starts to return, then the joint is restricted for a reason. NKT provides a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that helps to understand the root cause of these poor movement patterns and instantaneous feedback that guides your journey to pain free movement.

Prices for AiM and NKT

Anatomy in Motion/NKT sessions are priced at £100.00 per session which lasts approximately 2 hours for the initial appointment. These sessions are designed to facilitate the client returning to more effortless movement during their waking day, be it at work or on the yoga mat. Follow up sessions last 1 hour and are priced at £60.00 or alternatively the client can attend Functional Movement Flow sessions when appropriate.

Booking a session

To book a session or find out more, please go to or call Ulric on 07971 009131.

About Ulric

Ulric has been practising yoga since 1991 and teaching since 2000, and he is a practitioner of Anatomy In Motion (AiM), Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) and has reached certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS – Grey Institute). Ulric holds a BWY Teaching Diploma and is accredited as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK. He has been a mentor on the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma Course since 2005 and has been a member of the teaching faculty since 2011. His current continuing professional development involves studying Applied Functional Science with the Grey Institute and assisting and studying on Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion Practitioner Trainings in the U.K. and U.S.A. Ulric’s yoga classes and movement therapy sessions have the intention of supporting the participant to discover practical ways and tools of making a change to their physical and mental well-being.