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27th of June 2020
27th June 2020

Summer rain, I’m reminded of a poem that someone once placed in my muesli bowl 34 years ago.

A seed.                                                                                                                                                  Some rain                                                                                                                                               Some sun                                                                                                                                                Some night                                                                                                                                                   Someday

My Mum’s a poet and I’ve struggled to understand poetry, not as an art form, I think it’s great. I love the simplicity of some them and yet others I find just too short. I suppose I also feel they should have lots of ‘meaning of life’, but then why should they, they could be

Anyway today we had an amazing zoom workshop for all the staff, organised by Lauren. It was anti-racism and Charlene Brown and Janet Durrant did a fantastic job. I hope we can do more to help and I’m looking at ways to always improve. Talia has become my woke consultant as any teenager should. I’m hoping we can do some social action promotion. Simple things like shop local.

So Ravana is dead, his brother Vibhishana, who went over to Rama, is given Lanka to rule. And Sita  comes out to meet Rama. At first the both have tears in their eyes and then Rama does something that many have struggled to understand. He rejects her. He says I have done my duty but I don’t know if you have done yours. He’s questioning if she had been faithful. There is a great emphasis on women being faithful in Indian stories but the rules for men are different. No surprise there. But Sita is not a fool she instructs Hanuman to build a fire and she walks into it. Saying ‘let Agni (fire God) be my judge’ And of course she comes out burn free. So is this the original trial by fire? The phrase we’re familiar with is supposed to have come from the Salem witch trails, where ‘God wouldn’t allow a pure soul to burn’. Of course this hideous practice was taken a step further in Britain with the trail by water where if you could swim you were a witch. Fortunately we have moved a little forward. Sita on the other hand although Rama accepts her back the trust has been broken. And trust is the glue of society. But remember Sita is also a Goddess and goddesses need their freedom.

Yoga sometimes feels like a trail by fire, though fortunately not of the witch variety. And what is wrong with witches anyway, they’ve just swapped their black cloaks and cats to lab coats and test tubes.

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