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25th of June 2020
25th June 2020

Scout our dog keeps finding the coolest places to rest, usually some tiles in the bathroom. Of course dogs don’t sweat so fans are of no use. Louise and I started the Mental health first aid course. And as with most things learning the language, the right words is the first step. Just like we learn asana names. One of the things that caught my attention was ‘stress signature’. The idea that we all have a signature response to stress, a bit like the idea of your signature date night recipe. It may be rubbing your ears or squeezing your thumb or taking a deep breath. Something you often do when you feel stressed, may be it’s a bit unconscious. Anyway I liked the idea and I’m off to fold some origami.

Back to our Ramayana. I say our because it’s an analogy of our spiritual journey. Rama is in the process of killing Ravana using the Aditya Hridayam. We started on it yesterday so will continue today. It is of course important that Rama gets mentioned in the Aditya Hridayam more than Ravana, and so occasionally his name is repeated. Why not, he is the bringer of joy, you can’t have too much Rama. One of the words used early gives us clues to its deeper meaning. Arin, at first it looks like enemies but it has another meaning of wheel or disc and then we can see how it gets to Chakra. So the Aditya Hridayam is the path to control of the chakras (yes it should be cakra, but just keeping things more complicated for you). Then we come to the word samara which would normally mean battle. Which is in context with our story and also our spiritual path is sometimes a bit of a battle. But the hidden meaning is that ‘with the Gods help’. So it can be read. You will conquer your enemies on the battlefield or your will control your chakras with gods help. The next verse contains the word ┼Ťatru yet another word for enemy. But the specific enemy it means is anger. So anger is our ultimate enemy. Where does anger come from? Well back in the Mahabharata there is a section of creation. How Brahma created six sons with Daksha (which means gift). There are enumerable creations stories from India. But we’re interested in this particular one. It just happens to be recounted by our friend Agastya. Brahma also makes/becomes time in the form of Kali and it is Kali who creates anger. So we now have time and anger to conquer as one…



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