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23rd of June 2020
23rd June 2020

Sorry, we were hoping to open on the 4th July. But it looks like we will still have to hold our mula bandha a bit longer. Obviously the Government never mention yoga shalas so we’ve gone with gyms but would certainly be happy to be included in social clubs or religious places. Fortunately Talia can go back to work at the record shop she works at. (cool teenage job)

Practice always brings up thoughts, I know, I should be flowing thoughtlessly through a cloud of samadhi. So one of my thought patterns this morning is yama. Normally we’d say yamas. But if we’re talking proper Sanskrit it should be yamāh (there should be a dot under the h too). This makes yama plural subject. It’s also a bit confusing as the God of death is also called Yama. Anyway, we know what they are. Non-violence, truthfulness, non stealing, sexual continence, non greed. I think we can all understand the non greed, though we may fail occasionally. And the sexual continence is always glossed over and there’s never anything written about brahmacharya for women. There is also quite a bit written about ways around this rule. Like it’s ok to have sex on certain days when your left nostril is open. As if I’m checking. But I’m a married guy and TBH if I have loads of sex I’m shagged out and practice is more difficult. And that is probably all you want to  know.

Stealing, well pretty obvious too. The first two Ahimsa and Satya. Non violence and truthfulness  again we can understand them for our actions in relation to others. My thought process was more centred around how we can think about ahimsa and satya in regards to ourselves. So first off is non violence to ourselves. We do our best not to hurt our bodies. But do we do enough to not hurt or minds. As I’m sure you’re aware our minds are vulnerable. So we need to protect them (sometimes from them selves). Not getting attached to dark thoughts is my easiest recommendation. Our minds do like to go around in circles of either joy or sadness. If dark thoughts are like people we know, then you don’t have to move in with your in-laws.

Truthfulness, well who does that, I’m sure we have all been ‘economical with the truth’. Father Christmas being a good example. But being truthful to your self is bloody hard. How often to be suppress our feelings, how often to we think we are someone we’re not, or someone we’d rather be. Once you start accepting all of you life will be easier.

And now we come to the final fight in the Ramayana. Rama is up against Ravana. And as soon as he cuts off one head another pops up. If you’d studied Greek myths you’d remember Heracles and the multi headed Hydra with similar cranial regrowth properties. You could of course ask is it one body with ten heads or ten heads that share one body. Anyway lots of fighting and no victory, that is until Agastya the sage turns up. Agastya was once asked by the Gods to help them find all the rakshasas, they’d been hiding under the sea. And so Agastya drank all the oceans. But when it was time to put the water back he couldn’t just spit it out, he pissed it back. So just remember when you’re next swimming in the sea, it all sage piss. Anyway Agastya teaches Rama a sacred mantra that he must use when he next shoots an arrow at Ravana and point it at his navel. And the mantra is Aditaya Hridayam, we’ll look at that  tomorrow.

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