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22nd of May 2020
22nd May 2020

I felt really excited today, catching up with Emma and Matt. They are the design team behind Pushpam and my new book. Well it’s more of a booklet. So they showed me their design, a mock up. It looks really great so fingers crossed we can get it out soon.

Today I’ll be quick as it’s a moon day. Yesterday I finished with the five remaining Kauravas. Ashwatthama wants to cause as much devastation as possible and so snuck into the Pandava camp and beheaded what he believed were the five Pandavas. When he got back to Duryodhana he showed him the heads and Duryodhana said ‘what have you done, you have killed the children of Draupadi’ And so Duryodhana dies. When the Pandavas awake and realise what has happened scouts are sent out to capture ¬†Ashwatthama. Even as he is caught he releases a terrible magical weapon. But Krishna blokes it from killing all the unborn children. And Krishna curses ¬†Ashwatthama to live 3000 years always sick and never allowed contact with others. Mmm and we thought we had it bad.

So who broke the rules who did what to who? Who started it all? The last question is impossible to answer some say it was destined that the unrighteous kings should die. Others that it was Duryodhana’s greed or Dhritarashtra’s blindness. Or just Yudhishthira’s addiction to gambling. The Pandavas broke many rules, they asked women to fight, the fought after sunset, they killed animals and they killed those who lay down their weapons. The Kauravas mean while broke the rule of many attacking one, they also fought after sunset, killed children and those who were sleeping.

When all the widows enter Kuru-kshetre, the ¬†battle field the Pandavas see their Mum, looking around. ‘We are here safe’ But she replies ‘I’m looking for Karna for he was my first born’.

And so things change as we get new Knowledge. What we held dear before now is something else. How strongly should we hold on to our ideas? We should always be ready to say ‘I got it wrong’

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