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22nd of June 2020
22nd June 2020

I’m back. Just finished the 3 day first aid intensive, it got a bit condensed because of covid 19, less people, no bandaging each other etc. The instructor was great, someone who’d been doing it for 30 years and used the stuff. We’ve all run our hands under the tap from picking up something hot in the kitchen, stuck our finger in some kitchen paper while we hunt around for a plater. Wondered which way to put your head when you have a nose bleed.(Down). Picked out bits of road when you grazed your knee and slapped your kid on the back when they put a quid coin down their gob. And if you haven’t already read it, read ‘this is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay. Laugh and cry.

Anyway the instructor got my number when she knowing looked at me (with smile) and said no putting dislocated joints back in place. I decided it wasn’t worth bringing up the removal of shot gun pellets with a Swiss army knife.

Yesterday was fathers day, hurray for dads, 20 min of hard/pleasurable work and 9 months later your sense of smell miraculously disappears. ‘what nappy, I can’t smell it?’ (No honest I did my share). And the best thing in the world is born. Talia had asked what I’d like for fathers day and TBH I said just to have tea at a cafe together would be amazing. Obvs that’s not happening but I did get some lovely rice and dhal. And of course a great card. She does great cards, sort of works of art. This one was a menu. So she’d written Breakfast, muesli with water, disgusting, best fluffy pancakes, Tea, like dishwater with added sheep shit and chucking random food together that comes out awesome. Thanks for raising me to be so fabulous.

Ravana has a huge brother called Kumbhakarna, who sleeps for six months and then is awake for six months. And when awake is a non stop eater. Currently he’s asleep but Ravana forces him awake. So now he’s hangry (hungry and angry) and he goes on the rampage killing thousands of vanara. Actually Kumbhakarna is a good rakshasa because he really tried to persuade Ravana to let Sita free and only fought on Ravana’s side because of brotherly love. Anyway Rama cuts him down to size. And not just figuratively, bit by bit Rama chops of parts of Kumbhakarna’s body. Ravana is furious at the death of his brother and rushes out to confront Rama. But is given a beating by Hanuman. The battle carries on with many vanara and rakshasa dyeing on both sides. The war goes on for 14 days. It started on a full moon and ends on new moon. And the last day Ravana comes out one more time…

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