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20th May 2020
20th May 2020

As you may be aware Tuesdays (which I know was yesterday) we don’t give new asana. (Or get your hair cut). Of course there is some made up reasons. In Vedic astrology certain days are either beneficial or not. Each day relates to a certain God and colour. So Monday is Chandra (the moon) and Parvati and the colour white. Tuesday one should wear red and pray to Ganesh as Tuesday is a very inauspicious day. Wednesday is a day for green and Vishnu. Thursday is very auspicious, Guru day, Indra and Brahma are in charge and yellow is the sacred colour. Friday, any mixed colours and Kamadeva, the goddess of love. Saturday  is Yama’s day, God of death and obviously black is the colour, not a good day. Sunday is a red day, partly good and bad. Shiva and Agni are the related Gods to this day. And if that wasn’t enough. Days are all part of the moon cycle too. So the first day is either full or new moon and then the following days after that are considered inauspicious the 4th, 9th and if there is a 14th (usually its the next Moon day).

Anyway that is enough to get you all in a twist and find an excuse why something didn’t go as hoped/planned.

The final day of battle in the Mahabharata. Just so you know when the war is over the story hasn’t finished. So now Shalya is given command of the Kaurava forces. Shalya is interesting as not only is he the uncle of Nakula and Sahadeva he is a king in his own right. So becoming Karna’s chariot driver was a big step down. Duryodhana had some serious status issues. Shalya also has a weird thing going on. Every time someone gets angry with him he doubles his strength. So on the last day of battle Krishna instructs Yudhishthira to be the only person to face Shalya. Yudhishthira goes to him with open arms, full of love. So instead of gaining strength his strength leaves him until finally Yudhishthira can stick him one (with love of course). Finally Bhima goes round killing as many of the Kaurava brothers as he can find. Remember there were 100. Only three get really mentioned in the Mahabharata. Duryodhana obviously, the eldest. Dusshasana the second eldest and was the one who dragged Draupadi in the game of dice. Bhima drinks his blood.

So the Pandavas search everywhere looking for Duryodhana and eventually find him hiding in a lake. The war is nearly over and Bhima and Duryodhana go head to head fighting with maces. Eventually Krishna slaps his thigh and Bhima crushes Duryodhana’s thighs, which was against the rules. Why? Well Krishna said ‘if you live by matsya nyaya you die by matsya nyaya.’ Matsya nyaya translates as the rules of the fish, where big fish always eat small fish until a bigger fish comes along and eats them, we call it law of the jungle. Not only that Duryodhana was almost indestructible. During the battle he asked his mum, Gandhari, for her blessing. Remember she has worn a blind fold nearly all her life as she is married to a blind king. So she says come to me naked and when I lift my blind fold my eyesight will protect all your body. As Duryodhana is preparing for this Krishna slips in and says, shame on you at least cover your genitals. And so he does and that is why his thigh is the only vulnerable part. Not too dissimilar to Achilles and his vulnerable heel.

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