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19th of May 2020
19th May 2020

When I was younger I moved around a lot. It’s taken me a long time to feel somewhere as home. I spent quite a few months living in a squat. There were about 20 of us, some permeant some temporary. It was two houses that we’d knocked a couple of passages between. Built a few new walls and generally upgraded the rather dilapidated houses. My room was in the attic, complete with balcony and on-suite, but to access it you had to climb up the book case and through a hatch. Someone had a hidden room through a wardrobe aka Narnia. I was always Hamish but others had a range of nicknames. Duke, Ruff, JonO and PieZ were a few I remember. I lost contact with them over the years. A few of us practiced in the back garage that we’d converted to a yoga room.

Karna had made a vow to his mother that there would always be five Pandavas. remember Karna is actually the eldest brother but the five Pandava brothers don’t know this. And now he has become to leader of the Kaurava army. This is the 17th day of the battle. Shalya is Karna’s Charioteer. Shalya is Nakula and Sahadeva’s uncle, tricked into fighting for the Kauravas. But when Karna and he ride out every time Karna loosens and arrow Shalya says something like ‘hu, not your best shot’ Constantly undermining him. Even so Karna managed to overwhelm Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva but set them all free. Finally he comes face to face with Arjuna. Every time Karna started to push forward Krishna applauded. ‘Why are you applauding him’ asked Arjuna. ‘Well look on his chariot are just two men while on yours stands Nara, Narayana and Hanuman’ (on top of the flag pole). Karna shoots an arrow with a snake attached but Krishna places his foot on the axel and the chariot sinks a little so that the arrow misses and just knocks off Arjuna’s crown. That snake was ment to be revenge for all the snakes killed when the Pandavas ¬†built Indra-prastha. Finally Karna’s chariot wheel got stuck in the mud. He tried to remember the magical spell that would help it become free. But as his Guru had cursed him that in his hour of need he’d forget the lessons he’d learnt. He had no option but to get down and free it himself.

Weaponless and with his back turned, Krishna persuades Arjuna to kill Karna. On his death their mother cries silently and Karna’s father the Sun God sets early. This is not the only time someone is shot in the back. Karna is of the Solar lineage and in the Ramayana Vali is shot in the back and he is of the Lunar linage.

Karna is interesting as he is a good and kind man but just joined the wrong side.

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