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18th of July 2020
18th July 2020

As some of you know Anna, AKA farmer wise has decided to stop teaching at AYL. For a few reasons, but mostly because she really enjoys her main job of working for Birth Companions. And now they have offered her more money/hours. Anna and I set up Dharma shala, many hours have gone into choosing how things would be. There is no way I could have done it with out Anna. (or much else)

Today I went for a nice long run, though that would be a way to then relax on the sofa after. Talia went off to Camden with her friends. And we get a call from one of them, Talia has lost her phone. Of course being Crouch end parents we track every move. So we figured the phone was on the 29 Bus. We jumped in the car, and tracked it to Wood Green. We could see the bus coming up the road on the opposite side. So as Anna was driving I jumped out of the moving car, sprinted across the big intersection. And we now have the phone and I’m on the sofa. Someone is on cleaning duty for a few days.

In the last post of the Yoga Sutras we looked at how Patanjali advises us in relationships and the related emotions. Patanjali’s main push is for samadhi, everything is to reach this goal. So not just how we do Marichasana D or that we have satvik food but how we relate with each other is a part of the yoga path. Finding joy in everything. We’re all after the happiness thing, and we can really only get that when we bring happiness to others.

The next sutra is rather interesting 1.34 At first it seems simple. It says Samadhi is obtainable by exhalation/restraining the breath. Which would seem obvious that pranayama can bring about samadhi. The confusion is with the first word. Prachchhadana, hard enough to say. Usually it is translated as exhale. But when you read the dictionaries and question a few people with more knowledge than me it actually comes out as ‘to vomit’. No information is given how to breath or how to hold ones breath. May be this one sutra has more to it than meets the eye. When you are sick your stomach contract strongly. In this way when we hold our breath after an exhale contraction of the stomach muscles strongly is an important part. It’s also interesting Patanjali is only interested in the exhale retention. No mention of inhale is made.

See you soon…

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