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16th of July 2020
16th July 2020

15 has landed! It started out as a book inside a book and then rather like Scotland broke free and became its own thing. It’s a simple book about the 15 questions Arjuna asks Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s like a little taste of the Gita to get you more interested in reading the real thing.

So I’ve discovered the dog has a shopping problem. Where as traditionally a dog would bark at the postie, Scout wags her tail excitedly when ever a parcel arrives. She’s figured out that occasionally there are dog treats inside.

Next in the Yoga Sutras we have three of my favourite sutras 1.31-33. The first is practical, the second is more ‘you want one answer’ and the third is how to be with relationships.

1.31 Are a list of 4 things to look out for when we have a disturbed mind. They are pain, depression, shaking limbs and unsteady breathing. I like to pass this on to yoga teachers as something simple to look out for when teaching.

1.32 JUST PRACTICE ONE THING. It couldn’t get any simpler, concentrate on what you can do, stop trying to impress the ladies/guys. As the saying goes dig one deep well not 100 shallow wells.

1.33 this one is almost word for word taken from the Pali cannon of what the buddha said. Being friendly to the happy, compassionate to those who are suffering, joyful for the virtuous and here is the hard one indifferent to those who push your fucking button. What does that really mean? Don’t treat people who push your button different. You still need to be kind and thoughtful with each interaction. But don’t get drawn in to react.

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