Astanga Yoga London


Tom Norrington-Davies

Tom has been a regular attendee at AYL since 2007.
He travels to Mysore annually and in 2013 he received authorisation to teach the Primary series from the KPJAYI.

Tom feels that it’s an honour and a pleasure to assist other students at Astanga Yoga London, especially in the evening. He came to the practice slightly late, aged 37, having worked in kitchens for most of his adult life. The evening sessions were essential when he started out. They allowed him to find space for the practice in a day that was usually anything but
‘9 to 5’. He hopes that this experience has enabled him to help those in similar situations, whatever their other commitments demand. Tom believes that the greatest challenge in a busy life is not just getting on the mat: it’s making sure that the practice is a nurturing and sustainable thing. Patience (with yourself!) is a powerful ally.

Tom teaches the Monday, Thursday and Friday evening classes.