Astanga Yoga London

General pricing information

For weekday morning and evening classes, payment is made monthly on the first day of the month: there are no classes on moon days (new moon or full moon), so, to benefit long term students, we have calculated credit for moon days and holidays into our prices. Women who attend 5 days a week have a special rate which includes a credit for time off during menstruation (women are advised to take the first three days of menstruation off practice).

For Sunday classes there is a flat fee to be paid on the day (see below).

Drop-in students visiting from out of town who have an existing practice are welcome to join any of our classes.

Please note: For morning classes if you arrive before 9.30am, you will need to pay Hamish. For arrival after 9.30am you will need to pay Anna or Louise. Class fees are non-transferable.

Per month

Weekday morning and evening classes
Payable on the 01st of each month
5 days per week = £160.00 (men) £145.00 (women)
4 days per week = £135.00
3 days per week = £118.00
2 days per week = £90.00 (late mornings and evenings only)

Weekday drop-in

Single class = £15.00
Initial taster class for those new to Astanga = £18.00


£15.00 flat fee
£8.00 for students already attending weekday classes