Astanga Yoga London

Fair exchange

Fair Exchange is a system of payment built on trust, value and inclusivity.

In recognition of people’s differing levels of financial resources, we’re changing the way we charge for yoga classes. We are moving away from a traditional form of payment, where someone dictates the worth of a product, towards a flexible system that recognises the value of the exchange between teacher and student. This will remind us that yoga is not only a product to be sold, but a sharing of knowledge and experience transferred through the teacher/student relationship.

Our community, students, teachers, and staff are what make Astanga Yoga London special. We value these elements equally and would like to encourage our students to pay in a way that balances their ability to do so with their appreciation of the practice and the space we create together.

From now on, we are asking students to pay for Monday to Friday classes on a monthly basis at a price that feels right for them.

This allows students to attend as many Monday to Friday classes as they wish for that month. We only ask that, where possible, you keep to a regular time slot.

We appreciate it’s often difficult to know what to pay so we are suggesting the following:

Monday to Friday classes
Either £60, £100, £125, £150 or £180 per month

Saturday led class
Either £10, £15 or £20 per class

Sunday class
Either £10, £15 or £20 per class

Drop-in class
Either £10, £15 or £20 per class

One week drop in
Either £30, £50 or £80

Either £30, £40 or £50 (entitling you to three classes)

We have suggested rates of payment in order to facilitate the circular movement of money This means that those who are able to pay a little more support both the Shala and students who are not in the same financial position.

We hope Fair Exchange will not only encourage greater inclusivity but, through making the choice over payment, allow us to consciously value the contribution yoga makes to our lives.

Please note

– For weekday morning and evening classes, payment is made monthly on the first day of the month
– There are no classes on moon days (new moon or full moon)
– Drop-in students visiting from out of town who have an existing practice are welcome to join any of our classes
– For morning classes if you arrive before 9.30am, please pay Hamish. For arrival after 9.30am please pay Louise. Class fees are non-transferable