Astanga Yoga London


Evening classes

The evening Mysore style self-practice classes are taught by either Tom Norrington-Davies (Monday, alternate Thursdays and Friday) or Lauren Munday (Tuesday, Wednesday and alternate Thursdays).

Monday – Friday
5.00pm – 8.30pm (please allow enough time to finish your practice by 8.15pm)
Closed on moon days

In keeping with tradition, primary series only is practised on Fridays.

Prices per month

Payable on the 01st of each month
4 days per week = £135.00
3 days per week = £118.00
2 days per week = £90.00

Students (please bring your NUS card)
4 days per week = £100.00
2 days per week = £70.00

Drop-in prices

£18.00 Initial taster class for those new to Astanga
Students already enrolled to practise in the mornings = £10 (monthly fees are not transferable between mornings and evenings).